Edmonton Waste Collection

Sorting home refuse using Edmonton's municipal collection system 

Recycling (Blue Bag)

All items placed in your blue bags must be clean and dry, otherwise they cannot be recycled.


Newspaper and inserts, magazines, and catalogues 

White writing and computer paper 

Greeting cards, non-foil giftwrap

Junk mail, unsoiled paper bags, envelopes, paper egg cartons, paperback and hardcover books (remove hardcover), phonebooks 

Shredded paper cannot be recycled in your blue bag, you can take it to a recycling depot or put it in your garbage


Flattened corrugated cardboard boxes

Flattened cereal/food boxes

Juice boxes

Milk cartons (rinse with cold water and flatten)

Flattened shoe boxes

Pizza boxes (remove greasy liner)


Clean tin cans (no loose lids, trap inside or discard in trash) 

Aluminium containers (like pie plates)

Aluminium cans 

Empty non-hazardous aerosol cans 




Jar and bottle lids must be removed before recycling. They can be recycled at Re:Plenish using the Pact recycling program


All plastics must be empty and clean, lids must be removed and can be recycled at Re:Plenish using the Pact recycling program

Stretchy plastic bags 

Household cleaner bottles 

Shampoo/conditioner bottles 

Beverage bottles 

Milk jugs 

Detergent or fabric softener bottles

Margarine and yogurt containers 

Ice cream pails 

Vitamin bottles 

Windshield washer containers 


Compost (Green Bin) 

All solid food waste is accepted in the food scraps cart, which is collected weekly from spring to fall, and every two weeks in the winter. Crumpled newspaper, and BPI/BNQ certified bags can be used to line your cart or food scrap pail. Yard waste and grass clippings can be added to the green bin if you have extra space.

Spoiled food 

Scraps and peelings 

Meat, fish, and poultry 

Bones and eggshells 

Dairy products 

Coffee grounds and tea 

Food-soiled paper napkins and paper towels 

All packaging must be removed before putting items into your food scraps cart, this includes "industrially compostable" packaging which must be placed in the trash.


Garbage (Black Bin)

Aluminum foil 

Non-stretchy plastic packaging (like plastic clamshells) 

Non-stretchy plastic bags (such as cereal bags, pre-washed salad bags, cracker bags, and stand up pouches 

Plastic straws 


Plastic stir sticks

Drink/coffee cup lids 

Foil or plastic safety seals (like those found on food and beauty products) 

Disposable face masks 

Paper towels soiled with cleaning products 

Paper plates/napkins/cups 

Plastic cutlery 

Bubble wrap (reuse or drop off at the Reuse Centre if it is in good condition 

"Industrially compostable" packaging 


Looking for more Edmonton-based eco-resources? 

We've made a list below of a few handy resources for you to check out:

A convenient app for composting within Edmonton, visit their website here

What items go into Edmonton’s blue bags for recycling information here 

Edmonton’s Re-use centre is reopening, visit their website for more information here

Check out Edmonton’s Eco Station for hard to recycle items here

How/what to compost with Edmonton’s composting program, visit their site here

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