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White Kaolin Clay & Activated Bamboo Charcoal Facial Mask

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White Kaolin Clay & Activated Bamboo Charcoal Facial Mask

Recommended for oily or acne prone, or normal facial skin

Each bottle contains enough for approximately 16 full facial masks.  

Can also be used as a spot treatment for combination skin needs. 

Masks are recommended once per week and are recommend for teens to adult

Contains: Activated bamboo charcoal, kaolin clay, organic grapeseed oil, organic evening primrose oil, and organic tea tree essential oil


Use after a shower when skin is clean, with makeup removed.  For best results use before bed, or on a non makeup wearing day for best benefits!

Step 1:

In a glass or ceramic bowl pour approximately 1 teaspoon of granular mask from bottle and mix with a non-metal spoon any ONE of the following, slowly so that a medium-thin, but not too watery paste is achieved:

- water (we just use purified water)

Step 2:

- apply a thin layer to your face, avoiding the sensitive eye and mouth area. Product can be applied to neck also. 

Step 3:

- leave mask on to dry a bit, but not fully dry. Clay masks should not fully dry and are to removed once some areas are dry, but the cheeks and forehead are still damp. 

- avoid moving around your face and avoid temptation of trying to "crack" your face.

Step 4:

- remove gently with moistened clean face cloth with warm water, frequently rinsing cloth with warm water as you remove. Never tug or pull at facial skin.

- when you don't see any mask debris remaining, glide your clean, wet hand over skin to continue removing any residue.

Step 5:

- once all of the mask residue is gone, splash your face with clean hands and cold water.

Step 6:

- follow up with a facial serum, suitable for your skin type.